Architectural Services

“We believe in a beautiful, clean world without pollution -
a future where humankind and nature coexists in harmony.”

Creating new structures to the Passivehaus standard with innovative design.

We are a leading team in the UK in Passive House design and construction and have hands-on experience achieving extremely high levels of sustainable construction.

Our Process

Phase - I

The Architectural Concept

Phase - II

Planning and Design

Phase -III

Technical and Construction Drawing

For Phase - I

The Architectural Concept

This is the most important stage in which we hope to close in on the best imaginable solution for the project. All great sustainable projects start with the end in mind. 

For Phase - II

Planning and Design

We consider the final design choices and co-ordination for Planning submission, navigating the challengers presented by the local planning authority

For Phase - III

Technical and Construction Drawing

We coordinate with consultants and bring together a package of design work to enable the pre construction planing and permit approval works. Ensuring we provide a comprehensive package of information helps to save the clients time and money on potential issues and rework in later stages. 

How we work?

We work in Revit (architectural design software) to design retrofits and new build homes for self-builders and developers. This software enables both 2D and 3D design.

We model the building in the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) to determine the building’s energy performance on a day to day basis.

In addition to calculating the energy efficiency of a building we will calculate how much Carbon is released in to the atmosphere, this includes:

  • The manufacturing of materials
  • Construction
  • Day to day living
  • Demolition

Featured Services

Design Development

During the Design Development phase, conceptual design decisions are developed in further detail. A clear and co-ordinated description of all aspects of the design including Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire protection systems is worked out providing a basis for the preparation of construction documents.

Zero Carbon Design

With Passive House PHPP modeling, we can showcase the energy efficiency of your home and ensure it's one of the top-performing buildings in the country. We also assess your carbon footprint to help you reduce your CO2 emissions and achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Our designs utilize affordable, high-quality technologies and materials to create a comfortable and sustainable home.

3D Modeling and Rendering

Three-dimensional models and renderings are helpful in visualizing what the home will look like. These services can include: massing and presentation models, coloured renderings, photo-realistic computer renderings and animation.

Energy Assessment

Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques to analyze insulation, systems, appliances, and building design. With personalized recommendations, we help homeowners optimize energy usage, reduce waste, and lower utility costs. Our goal is to provide environmentally conscious and comfortable homes

Our Sustainable Design Considerations


Pure Haus are building homes with leading technological eco-friendly design, homes that will entirely change the way that we live.


Putting health and well-being at the heart of our decisions, ensuring you and your family have a home that nourishes your health.


Design which focuses on the environment and working towards reversing climate change. PureHaus believes this starts at home!


As a certified designer Claire can design homes to be taken through to full certification by the Passivhaus Institute. We work with your contractors or you can employ the PureHaus construction team to ensure the build is built as designed.


Providing a calm environment where indoor sounds are crystal clear and outside noise is silent. Homes are full of natural light, enriching your day and lifting your energy. The light enables vision to be clear, reducing the risk of eye irritation and headaches. A sanctuary that is full of rich colours and stimulation.


A home that keeps itself warm all year round, using little energy with warm surfaces everywhere you touch and no draughts from the outdoors. Rooms filled with fresh air which energises you from the moment you first wake up. A home that never feel stuffy.

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