Super Low Energy homes

Integrate Eco-friendly Measures ! Lower bills! Protect the planet!

Discover how Purehaus can transform your home with fabric first and renewable energy strategies while saving hundred and thousands of £££££!

Benefits Included

Super Insulation

We ensure that houses are extremely well insulated removing the need for heating in the first place. This is known as a fabric first approach. There are a wide range of installations suitable for the many scenarios it is needed for.

Windows & Doors

High performance triple glazed windows will prevent the loss of huge amounts of energy compared to double glazing. Ensuring the windows are properly installed with airtight seals will see your energy bills tumble.

Ventilation system

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems are an essential component to a low energy home. Managing and controlling the environment, bringing in fresh filtered air, removing pollutants, retaining heat, preventing mould and condensation developing.

Passive House calculations

There is no better way to model the performance of a building than using a Passive House Planing Package. Globally acknowledged as being remarkably accurate, with a nominal performance gap. It is the most powerful tool we use when designing our sustainable homes.

Renewable energy system

Plays the supporting role to fabric first construction. With super low demand for energy in s house, a modest renewable system will provide excessive supply. Some residence may may benefit from negative bills.

Retrofit Professionals

The Process

Step 2


Before any home can be re-constructed to an EnerPHit standard it is vital to make an assessment and understand where the journey starts.

We do this by looking at the defects in the building, thermal imaging and modelling its existing efficiency.

Step 1


Our design team work with you to maximise the opportunity to achieve your ambitions

We put people at the heart of every development

Step 3

Retrofit & Training

We can provide the training for your in-house team or subcontractors to carry out the necessary retrofit upgrades to your building.

This will give you the freedom to work with your preferred construction partner.

Step 4


The homes are inspected and tested, to guarantee a high performance finish.

Client receives and induction and the customer journey continues until settled in.

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