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Air tightness is critical to controlling the environment to which we live. Without losing energy or experiencing draughts.


Creating a continuous and effective insulated envelope to achieve good energy efficiency for an energy efficient build.


Thermal bridge is a means of escape for loss of energy through conduction of a material or product which has to be compensated for design

PHPP: Passivhaus Planning Package

PHPP provides the calculation for the energy modelling of a passivehaus and this calculation allows effective consideration for an individual design.


Correct installation of the window and door junctions is crucial to air tightness and the insulation efficiency.


Adequate ventilation is the means to maintain a healthy and consistent environment in terms of humidity, air quality and temperature

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The Training Team

Claire Jamieson

Claire Jamieson

Director of Passivehaus Architecture

Kevin Pratt

Kevin Pratt

Director of PureHaus School of Excellence

Jesus Menendez

Jesus Menendez

Director at ZE Passivhaus

Johnathan Blowers

Johnathan Blowers

Director of Innovation and Training

The Pure Haus Team are respected nationally and internationally for their Design, Engineering, Build & Training capabilities in Passive House

About PureHaus School Of Excellence

PureHaus thrives in designing and building sustainable homes, now! In the future is too late. Climate change is upon us and OUR WORLD MATTERS. Great design lasts a lifetime, great design is sustainable. Our ultimate aim is to create a TRULY ZERO CARBON home for you, one which creates more energy than it consumes during its entire life cycle.

Green Skill New Builds

The construction industry is poor informed and has been focused on renewable energy. Passive House teaches to be efficient with the building, maximising its energy performance. The phase often heard is fabric first. Generating renewable energy is a secondary approached to decarbonisation, creating the remaining energy required by the building.

Green Skills Deep Retrofit (Renovations)

The quality of construction work UK has been declining, while the numbers of young people taking interest in trades jobs has contracted, this has left a void. Understanding the difference between a deep retrofit and a light renovation will determine the future of housing stock. The skills needed to understand and perform a Retrofit can easily be learnt.

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