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We Believe In A Truly Zero Carbon World

We Believe In A Beautiful Clean World Without Pollution, A Future Where Mankind And Nature Coexists In Harmony.

The Team

Kevin Pratt

Kevin Pratt

Director of PureHaus School of Excellence

The word that best describes Kevin is “persistent”. With a clear vision in his mind he sets about his mission until it is complete. Investing in himself, developing his mind and making the impossible possible Kevin now applies all his skills in shaking up the construction industry and bringing about change. His vision of creating a better world for his children and their generation, starts with education, bridging the skills gap and attracting talent into the construction industry. With his passion and drive the PureHaus School of Excellence will have a tremendous impact on the careers of many young people.

Dave Bradley-Bowles

Dave Bradley-Bowles

Director of Engineering

From an early age Dave thrived in a problem solving environment, wining technology based competitions, he then went on graduate in engineering (1st). Eventually his curious mind set finding solutions to the growing problems in construction. Now, having successfully built some of the most advanced low energy, sustainable homes in the county with the team, he is on a mission to bring about change and introduce low energy homes, with low impact on the environment at low cost, eradicating fuel poverty.

Jesus Menendez

Jesus Menendez

Director at ZE Passivhaus

Jesus Menendez PhD – of Zero Energy is a structural civil engineer, an expert on Passivhaus and timber buildings. Further qualified forestry civil engineer. Jesus is CMI Level 5 in management and leadership, and accredited Passivhaus designer, trainer and building certifier. As a Passivhaus building component consultant with nearly 2 decades of international experience in designing and analysing timber structures. His portfolio of certified buildings is vast, he is one of the most experienced in his field in the UK. In addition, he has been lead consultant in designing multiple Modern Methods of Construction facilities across Europe. Jesus is supported by his further team of architects and engineers both in the UK and Spain

Jonathan Dixon

Jonathan Dixon

Director at Greenfield Building Services

A commercially astute, technically proficient Director - with a proven record spanning over 30 years of success in formulating, implementing and managing a wide range of concurrently running high quality building projects, from the initial consultation stage through to completion within timescale and budget. Communicative and intuitive, accomplished at building relationships with managements, clients and sub-contractors, and leading and motivating multi-discipline teams to achieve first rate results in challenging, complex and quality-driven environments

Johnathan Blowers

Johnathan Blowers

Director of Innovation and Training

Builder and trainer, 40 year experience in the construction industry, with over 10 years focused on Passivhaus construction, involved with building more than 100 passive homes. He was a pivotal part of a team which developed prototypes of the first full new build house system, certified by the Passivhaus Institute. He has been involved in retrofitting close to 20 homes across the uk. John has excelled in the field having trained a large work force. As a trainer he has trained in excess of 1000 people in the principles of Passivhaus. John is likely the most experienced Passivhaus builder in the country.


Passivhaus Tradesperson

Mark has been involved in the development of energy efficient homes for the last 10 years, working with multiple build systems to achieve a good quality end product. Having grown up around a multitude of trades and undertaken additional professional training Mark has a wide spectrum of competences and experience to bring to the table. "Having worked in the building industry I see a desperate need to move towards better practices when it comes to building our homes in the UK. With the focus on fuel prices and sustainable living we are at a key point to choose to build better. We have the capability and the technology, everything else can be taught, quite simply there is no good reason not to."

Anu Varkey

Marketing Analyst

Anu is an accomplished engineer specialising in energy management and sustainability, currently pursuing a Master of Science in Data Analytics at the University of Huddersfield. With a strong background in engineering over four years of experience and a passion for leveraging data-driven solutions, Anu is dedicated to exploring the intersection of engineering, energy, and data analytics to create a more sustainable future.
"Every engineering problem has an engineering solution, and every data has a story to tell. I am driven to explore the intersection of engineering, energy, and data analytics to unlock the potential for a more sustainable and efficient world."

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The Pure Haus Team are respected nationally and internationally for their Design, Engineering, Build & Training capabilities in Passive House

About Purehaus

PureHaus thrives in designing and building sustainable homes, NOW! In the future will be too late.

Climate change is upon us and OUR WORLD MATTERS. Great design lasts a lifetime, great design is sustainable.

Our ultimate aim is to create a TRULY ZERO CARBON home for you, one which creates more energy than it consumes during its entire life cycle.

Green Skill New Builds

The construction industry is poor informed and has been focused on renewable energy. Passive House teaches to be efficient with the building, maximising its energy performance. The phase often heard is fabric first. Generating renewable energy is a secondary approached to decarbonisation, creating the remaining energy required by the building.

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