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Discover how Purehaus can transform your home with renewable energy while saving hundred and thousands of dollars!
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We can beat fuel poverty together!

Have you ever considered incorporating renewable energy to produce electricity in your homes?

It seems expensive, right? Wrong!

Let me clue you in on a fact…

You can produce more electricity from a renewable sources than the resident needs, 4 x as much! The trick is to reduce the need for energy by 80%

Sounds too good to be true, right?

But how is that possible?

Well, our eco-friendly houses are built on passive housing principles, know as a “fabric first approach”, this can reduce the energy needed in the home by 80-90%. With that in mind, a standard solar panel system could produce more energy than our houses require, a tremendous +83kWh(m2a) surplus

Resulting in negligible energy bills…

Which is perfect for social housing as it eases the financial burden on the landlords and the tenants alike.

House types

We have a stunning plan to address climate change head-on…

You have probably noticed that time and time again…

Climate change has been on the news for all the wrong reasons; melting ice caps, hurricanes, floods and massive forest fires to name a few…But how harmful could my traditional house be to the environment?

According to RIBA, buildings play a massive role (40%), in damaging the environment.

Let me explain…

By design, our eco-friendly houses have a carbon footprint of at least 80 percent less than the RIBA 2030 challenge (the limit specified) compared to traditionally built structures, business as usual!

We can even quote our carbon footprint, typically 242 kgCO2e/m for a affordable home…

How can this information help a social housing landlord?

For starters, it reduces the chances of tenant arrears, helps you meet your CO2 ambitions while helping the environment!

But hey, these are not just empty facts and figures, upon partnering with PureHaus, you will receive a copy of the official calculations, derived from the most accurate software in the market, PHPP energy performance calculator and PH Ribbon, an embodied carbon footprint calculator.

House types

Z-Haus M4

Standard 3 story


3 Bedroom

We build safe homes which protects the resident while improving their health and well-being…

For example; our houses are built to massively upgrade the quality of life for people suffering from chronic illness or disabilities! As our houses are built on a passive housing strategy…

We ensure that our homes are safe from internal and external pollutants such as VOCs, easily achieved by using a carefully designed air filtration system.

A comprehensive insulation system is deigned  to maintain stable room temperatures, protecting against cold-associated illnesses, and significantly reduces the noise produced by the outside world creating a peaceful environment in your home.

But that’s not all!

We have a socio-economic benefit reserved just for you that will help landlords to save hidden expenses and tenants continue living peacefully…

Our eco-friendly house prevents condensation and mould! A reduction in repairs and maintenance and therefore a huge financial saving.

Benefits Included

Foundation Slab

Insulated Raft Foundation System. Bespoke with no onsite waste and quick assembly with instruction drawings supplied. U-values are consistent and long lasting. Certified Passive House component

Building structure

Highly efficient timber frame cassette construction, delivered with speed and accuracy. Off-site manufactured, limiting wastes and thermal bridges. Insulated with low carbon impact material. Passive House U-values for maximum performance.

Renewable energy system

Plays the supporting role to fabric first construction. With super low demand for energy in a house, a modest renewable system will provide excessive supply. Some residence may benefit from negative bills.

Exterior finishes

Wide range of beautiful finished exteriors protect the building. Designed to prevent moisture entering the home, safeguards the building and the residence by managing the vapour away from the structure.

We build eco-friendly homes that are affordable
and economical, too…

When a social landlord partners with PureHaus, the efficiency benefits will make financial sense…

With the incorporation of a renewable source to supply the small energy demand, residence will enjoy the maximum benefits of jaw-dropping reduction of their electricity bills, that will also go easy on the their pocket, ensuring timely payment of rent!

If that does not go easy on your bank account, then the emerging market for discounted green finance will put money back into your wallet.

If you want the house to be sold or rented or refinanced, then keep in mind that low-energy homes are more often receiving premium valuations by RICS surveyors.

Build it once, build it right!

We build the perfect home first time, so that when legislation changes, your homes still exceeds.

You will not need to apply retrofitting in your already perfect home leading to less investment and maintenance costs

More Benefits Included

Windows & Doors

High performance triple glazed timber windows and doors with a powder-coated aluminium exterior cladding. They are eco-friendly, energy efficient and designed for the UK. This gives you the warmth and beauty of wood internally with the minimal exterior maintenance of aluminium.

Ventilation system

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems are an essential component to a low energy home. Managing and controlling the environment, bringing in fresh filtered air, removing pollutants, retaining heat, preventing mould and condensation from developing.

Passive House calculations

There is no better way to model the performance of a building than using a Passive House Planing Package. Globally acknowledged as being remarkably accurate, with a nominal performance gap. It is the most powerful tool we use when designing our sustainable homes.

Carbon footprint calculations

With climate emergencies declared by most local authorities, it is only a matter of time before business will be required to report on their impact on the environment. Consumers are more environmentally aware. Every house comes with a carbon footprint calculation for informed decision making.

eco-friendly homes built to outperform traditional houses economically and socially…

We offer complete freedom to our social landlords and clients to choose from one of the blueprints of the houses we engineered by incorporating Passive House modelling…

Which offers consistency and efficiency that cannot be matched with traditional house builds.

As you already know passive house designed houses are economically beneficial, and so you can appreciate that a high-level quality assurance comes hand in hand, it’s achieved using quality building components, in turn it reduces maintenance costs!

A byproduct of quality and Passive House design is 24-7 thermal and acoustic comfort and the well-being benefits of a happy resident are priceless.

As our houses are built using future-paced and resilient building styles, they are super low maintenance and will become the prize in your portfolio.

Our eco-friendly homes are built to leave a positive mark on society as a whole…

I mean, isn’t it evident that our homes can leave a lasting social impact on the community…

If it hasn’t then just think about all the health benefits tenants can receive such as a healthy lifestyle and if enough people opt for an eco-friendly home…

Then we can have a healthy community that is less dependent on public health services.

If we are talking about building communities then you are contributing towards creating green skilled construction jobs and we educate the workforce, which leads to more people being inclined to enjoy a greener lifestyle.

As a leader in your community by building sustainable homes, you are demonstrating your commitment and intent to preserve nature, wearing your values on your sleeve…

A Greener lifestyle actually uplifts a person’s status socially but everything comes second to the benefit of our mother earth.


The Process

Step 1


Our design team work with you to maximise the opportunity to achieve your ambitions

We put people at the heart of every development

Step 2


While construction starts the homes are manufactured off-site and will be ready for a speedy delivery when the foundations are ready.

Fast built sites reduce development costs

Step 3


Once the foundations are ready the homes are rapidly build, getting to a water tight standard in days.

Traditional trades can follow in and deliver the final touches.

Step 4


The homes are inspected and tested, to guarantee a high quality finish.

Client receives an induction and the customer journey continues until settled in.

What goes behind the curtains to deliver a green and sustainable house?

Before leaping into the minuscule details of the different ways our sustainable homes are built, let me clear the air…

Our homes are built according to building regulations as traditional home are, we just use Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) but we have also incorporated a few processes to deliver extra value to the customer!

Moving on…

We try to keep track of the latest innovations in the field of construction by religiously implementing them to churn out head-shaking results such as…

The walls, roof and floor are constructed in a factory setting as factory production enables repetition  and speeds up the process drastically while the builder prepares the ground.

Secondly, factory production implements efficiency even a workers’ personal capacity as they do not waste time looking for tools or adjusting to a new environment altogether…

When the units that were prepared in factory settings arrive at the site they are installed straight away!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, our model enables the home to be water-tight in just a few days which leads to the second phase of the construction in which the inside structure of the house is constructed and fitted.

This process does not only guarantee precision and quality but it also saves the project precious time.

On that same note, you are no longer paying for wasteful processes, like moving materials unnecessarily around a site multiple time which is common, therefore getting great value for every pound spent.

P.S: The factory production process was introduced by TOYOTA which has now been picked up by dozens of businesses in the manufacturing industry, and now construction!

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