First Passive House

Building Stylish Sustainable Homes in Yorkshire

The passive house in Darmstadt-Kranichstein

In 1991, Wolfgang Feist led a team to build the first passive house which utilised a combination of academic and theoretical principles. Thanks to the thorough planning and effective methods which were followed, the performance as a high energy efficient building remains just as strong as it was 3 decades ago. In comparison, the energy performance in a traditional building can degenerate significantly over time.


The building was constructed with an air tight envelope, preventing warm air from escaping the house and cold draughts from entering.


The building components are designed to minimise thermal bridges. This can be achieved by paying attention to the building detail which minimises heat loss. 


Solar heating technologies, such as triple glazing and heat recovery from wastewater were developed to ensure natural and existing heat sources were taken advantage of.


The house has exceptional thermal insulation, which unlike traditional homes, has functioned to a remarkable degree since the house first became occupied in October 1991.