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The KitHaus-5 is a state of the art low carbon and low energy home. 

Exterior: The simple shape of this modular house is a critical design feature, it is paramount in creating a super energy-efficient home, minimising the surface to volume ratio of the building.  To maintain summer comfort, avoiding over heating and future proofing against the rise in global temperatures, shading has been added in a special way which allows sunlight to warm the home in winter when the sun is lower in the sky. 


Indoors: Inside the home, the ground floor has an open plan kitchen, dining and living that connects with the garden through a pair of sliding doors to the outside. When designing our homes, we paid close attention to the relationship between indoors and outdoors. On the ground floor an open plan layout was chosen. This meant that the views from the kitchen, dining and living area could be enjoyed, and the living areas are flooded with natural light and warmth from the sun on the south elevation.

The north side of the house is always shaded so we 

designed  small windows, engineered to prevent heat loss. They windows still providing ample light to the utility and washroom facilities, areas of the house we spend least time in. Using the National Space Standards the general layout has been developed to meet Accessible and Adaptable Dwellings standards, making the homes generous and well thought through. The ground floor WC has been designed to accommodate showering facilities for families that would find this useful.

The home has generous sized bedrooms.


Innovative Design

PureHaus homes are designed with many leading technological eco-friendly design features, homes that will entirely change the way that we live.

Passive heating system
Smart renewable hot water supply
Smart renewable electric supply
Low embodied carbon technologies
Solar orientation
Air purification


Designed using Passivhaus principles our homes use negligible heating, keeping you warm all year round, warm surfaces everywhere you touch and no draughts from the outdoors.

Each room is filled with fresh filtered air which energises you from the moment you first wake up. Better circulation increases the oxygen supply and contributes to a healthier space to live and thrive.


We have created a calm environment where indoor sounds are crystal clear and outside noise is silenced by our super insulated structure and optimised triple glazing.

Our homes are flooded with natural light, enriching your day and lifting your energy. The light enables vision to be clear, reducing the risk of eye irritation and headaches. The homes is a sanctuary, full of rich colours and stimulation.


In an era of Green-Washing we believe that certification by the Passivhaus Institute is the only way to guarantee quality for our home owners.

The PureHaus team works hard to deliver every home to the rigorous Passivhaus low enerrgy standards which delivers high quality, energy efficient and healthy homes for all.

Your new home is designed by our qualified Passivhaus designer and inspected by an independent Passivhaus certifier.


We put health and well-being at the heart of our design decisions, ensuring you and your family have a home that nourishes life on a daily basis.

A home which is flooded with light, air purified, generous living spaces and is connected to the outdoors soon becomes more than a place to exist but a place to thrive.


Our talented designers focus on the environment and reversing climate change. PureHaus believes this starts at home!

You will only need a tiny amount of energy to live in PureHaus. With our renewable technology you will likely produce an abundance of surplus energy to supply back to the grid.

Every PureHaus comes with the embodied CO2 calculations, we empower you to make your sustainable decisions. Living green is made easy.

Energy systems

Solar power panels
DC/AC inverter
Electric vehicle charger
Renewable hot water
Water management technology
Solar heating windows

Exterior finishes

The exterior finish on your home is a rainsheild, its job is to protect the home from the weather.

We choose materials which are durable and fit for purpose while being considerate of the holistic carbon footprint of the building

Windows & Doors

The triple glazed windows and doors installed in a PureHaus are 50% better than the best double glazed windows.

Remarkable U-values
Triple glazed
Triple air lock seals

Ventilation system

In airtight building which exceeds UK building regulations by a factor of 10, the environment is managed by an air purification system which retains >90% of the heat normally lost in a standard new build home.

Foundation Slab

Highly insulated buildings start with a comprehensive foundation. Your home is built on a thermal bridge free insulated raft foundation. This system prevent heat loss through the ground and the ground floor acts as a thermal mass (store of heat energy) holding heat all through the year.

Carbon footprint calculations

We believe that to be truly sustainable we first need to be armed with the brutal facts. That is why we have calculated the carbon footprint of your home. With this knowledge you're empowered to make your own lifestyle decisions. We have exceed the targets set by RIBA for 2030, a leading example of how houses can be built in the UK

Building structure

To prevent heat loss and act as a carbon store, a PureHaus is built using a timber frame system allowing for ~300mm of insulation. As timber is a poor conductor of heat the structure acts as a blanket keeping the inside of the building at a consistent comfortable temperature day and night.

Passive House Calculations

By modelling a building using Passivhouse principles and software, we can be extremely confident that the performance of the building will be as designed. This is globally accepted as being the most accurate method of measuring the consumption energy of a building when occupied.


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