Pure Meadows

Building Stylish Sustainable Homes in Yorkshire

Imagine a home that purifies the

Air that you breathe &

Water that you drink

First homes in the UK of their kind

Pure Haus is excited to bring to Yorkshire the first Passive House certified homes for sale to the open market. These two exciting homes will have a number of remarkable features unavailable in any home in the county for sale. We are bringing to you Grand Design homes, which are usually created and crafted by self-builders who are committed to creating unbelievable places to call home

The homes will have an air filtering system, removing pollutants from the outside world. Rainwater harvesting system, purifying the water which is collected on the roof of the house and delivering it freshly to your glass for you to enjoy.

The homes benefit from stunning meadow views

Working with great architects who believe that good design, selection and detailing of materials is fundamental to each project. Combined with efficiency of the space, the ease of construction and the finer touches of elegance which allows us to achieve a remarkable benchmark for new homes.

The development comprises of two five-bedroom dwellings which are two stories in height and benefit from an accompanying car-port and private car parking.

The homes have car-ports, vehicle turning areas and gardens to the rear of the dwellings to reduce the impact on the local area and maintain the appearance of the development. The dwellings and landscaping have been designed with the intention of preserving the existing landscape, views and co exsist with nature.

The scheme has been designed sensitively to fit in with nature and is not overbearing in terms of the scale of the development.

The selected high quality palette of contextual materials are intended to enhance the immediate site setting whilst also being sensitive to the wider surroundings. 

Timber has been chosen as the primary external wall material, the surrounding mature trees will ensure that the timber cladding is sensitive to its surroundings. Timber will be sustainably sourced and treated. 

The glazing will be a high performance, slim-framed aluminium system frame which is robust and has a lower u value which contributes to the air tight design. The glazing will benefit from slim framing and will be undemanding in appearance. 

The contemporary design will provide a clean and elegant canvas for the more traditional and contextual approach. The use of materials for the scheme will provide a suitable design response to this dynamic site and embracing the beautiful surrounding context.

The Design

The key driver for these dwellings is to create near zero carbon homes that provide comfortable and healthy environments for the inhabitants. This will be achieved through designing to Passive House principles, this will include: 

The building is wrapped in an airtight structure preventing the uncontrolled movement of air and heat. 

A super-insulated layer wraps the building, walls, floors and roofs keeping the heat inside. 

The building has an efficient ventilation system with heat and/or humidity recovery, removing stale air and bringing in clean fresh air. 

Heat likes to escape through thermal bridges that are often overlooked; windows, doors, intersections of floors, walls, ceilings and balconies, these thermal bridges are carefully designed. 

Capturing and using the suns heat to warm the property minimises the need for artificial heating and is kind to the environment. 

Retaining the heat in the fabric of the building helps to regulate consistent temperatures all year around. 

The Landscape

The landscape proposals will be designed to be deliberatley subtle with little intervention to maintain and enhance the natural aesthetic that the site already has. The proposals will seek to ensure that the proposed dwellings sit in harmony with the landscape and any new landscaping itself will blend seamlessly into the surroundings using native species to provide increased biodiversity. 

The proposed dwellings will benefit from generous garden space with open views of fields and mature trees lining the borders of the plot. To complement the existing enviroment the proposed landscape will offer minimal intervention to the natural setting. 

The homes are located off of Sugden Street, Oakenshaw which lies on the outskirts of Bradford – 4 miles North. With exceptional commuter links, Sugden Street is within close proximity to the M606 and the M62 leading onto Leeds which is approximately 11 miles North-East. 

The homes are surrounded by meadows both front and back with woodlands to the north and a beautiful park just over the stream. 

The homes are accessed via a private entrance from Green lane which can be reached from either Cleakheaton Road leading to Sugden Street or via Wyke Lane to the South. 

The site is adjacent the settlement of Oakenshaw and is therefore close to local services. 

A bus route is available on Bradford Road 300m to the North, and a train station in Low Moor around 1km away, which has direct trains to Kings Cross station daily.

Getting the most from buildings is in the DNA of the company. From the outset the architects have aimed to creatively resolve issues where occupiers, developers, investors and statutory regulator’s respective views meet.