Boom or Bust in Sustainable Construction – How to Invest, Survive, and Prosper!

Boom or Bust in Sustainable Construction – How to Invest, Survive, and Prosper!
Friday, August 18, at 10 AM

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The construction sector stands at the crossroads of innovation and responsibility, beckoning pioneers ready to reimagine tomorrow’s sustainable infrastructure. As the green tide surges, offering potential for both unrivalled growth and unforeseen challenges, it’s imperative for investors, constructors, and dreamers to understand the terrain.

Join us for an enlightening session this Friday, as Mr. Yorkshire, our very own Keith Madeley, the Company Chairman and celebrated Financial Management maestro, in an intriguing dialogue with David Bradley-Bowles, the trailblazing Director of Engineering at PureHaus. Delve into the verdant world of green construction as they uncover its promise, pitfalls, and potential.

About the Speakers

Mr. Yorkshire (Keith Madeley)
From the bustling platforms of Bradford’s British Rail to the esteemed boardrooms of the finance world, Keith has traversed an inspiring journey. With his roots deeply entrenched in Yorkshire’s heritage, Keith has seamlessly merged financial acumen with a desire for community upliftment. His brainchild, the People’s Regeneration Fund, embodies this vision, bridging the realms of finance and social betterment.

David Bradley-Bowles
For Dave, problems are but puzzles waiting to be solved. A top-tier engineering graduate, he’s taken on construction’s modern-day challenges with gusto. Under the banner of PureHaus, Dave and his team envision homes that are sustainable, economical, and future-ready.

Mark the date and be ready to dive into an ocean of insights, strategies, and narratives. Sustainable construction isn’t just an industry; it’s the next chapter of our shared history. Whether you are an investor, a builder, or a dreamer, there’s a space for everyone in this sustainable symphony.