Building Stylish Sustainable Homes in Yorkshire

How can a Pure Haus benefit me?

Pure Haus are building homes with many benefits here are just a few: • Marvellous Passive House energy reduction benefits • Outstanding comfort and acoustic benefits • Huge reductions in heating requirements meaning there will be no gas boiler

Measure Twice Cut Once

Pure Haus have thought long and hard about how we want to challenge the built environment through showing builders and developers there is a different way. Planning how to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and being creative about how we fit sensitively into nature matters. The planning and preparation that goes into homes that…
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Team Pure Haus

Brick by brick; team Pure Haus are looking to challenge the built environment and set the standard for housing in a climate emergency. Building on good foundations based on principles that can revolutionise the way we look at housing in the Yorkshire region.

Benefits of Timber Cladding

Timber cladding has become incredibly popular with architects, designers and construction firms in recent years. It’s ability to create economic and attractive buildings has made it the go-to material for those wanting to transform the exterior appearance of their home. The material offers a range of unique benefits: Timber is a renewable resource. Stunning, natural…
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The Future of Housing

Pure Haus cares about the future of housing and we care about the sustainability of housing. Climate change is the biggest challenge that mankind has faced and as a country we are falling short of our housebuilding targets. We are doing our part to overcome these challenges whilst creating something beautiful and desirable. Beautiful homes…
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Triple pane glazing to minimise heat loss

Windows are one of the most important components in a Passive House building. In fact, without great windows, achieving the Passive House standard is hardly possible. Triple pane glazing is three panes of glass instead of one or two. By having an extra pane, you will increase efficiency and reduce noise. We already know that double…
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What is a Passive House?

A Passive House maintains the thermal mass within the home which reduces carbon emissions from the home through its lifecycle. Building a house to Passive House standard takes a lot of attention to detail and is dependant on many factors; orientation to the sun, form factor, reduced thermal bridges, air tightness of the building envelope…
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Land Owners

Do you own land? Are you interested in homes of the highest standard being built? Pure Haus are excited about the roll-out of our homes across the Yorkshire Region Through sucessfully partnerships with Land Owners, Pure Haus can alleviate some of the problems in the housing market. The demand for carbon zero homes has never…
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Eco houses with a Yorkshire stamp

“The Start Of A Movement” – Eco Houses To Be Built In BradfordThe homes will include technologies to save both money and the environment. A development in Bradford could lead to some of the most environmentally-friendly homes in Yorkshire. Three crumbling buildings in Oakenshaw will be transformed into near zero-carbon houses by Yorkshire-based developers Pure…
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