About the Pure Haus home

Understand Passive House in 90 seconds

A home that is just as good for the environment as it is for your health is an essential way of living in the 21st century.

It is something that we here at Pure Haus strongly believe in, as we are dedicated to building homes with remarkable thermal performance, brilliant visuals, and acoustic comforts.

A Purehaus owner can expect the highest standard of air quality, coupled with an exceptional energy performance – so remarkable that it will change people’s thoughts about traditional houses forever.

The first step towards a sustainable home is achieving Passivehaus standards. This is all made possible with an airtight construction, excellent thermal performance, orientation towards the sun, minimal thermal bridges, in addition to the use of a MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) system.

With the combination of the above, owners can experience comfortable room temperatures 24-7 regardless of the time of year. Removing the need for an expensive heating system, reducing energy costs, and keeping draughts to an absolute minimum.

Crisp, clean sound can be enjoyed throughout the home without the interruption of the outside world, which also ensures that neighbouring properties won’t be disturbed by any noise from inside your home.

Large, triple glazed windows allow you to remain connected with the world outside. Giving you the chance to experience sheer revitalisation each morning as natural light begins to flood into the family home.

With clean, actively filtered fresh air circulating throughout the home, polluted air and stuffy rooms will soon become a thing of the past – ensuring the whole family feels awake, alert, and energised throughout the day.

Passivhaus Standard

Homes built to the exceptional Passivhaus standard and first class comfort levels 

Heat Efficiency

90% less heat required than traditional homes. No requirements for central heating

Healthier Homes

Healthier homes, no drafts or overheating and reduced long-term respiratory health issues such as asthma and hay fever

Certified building

Our homes are certified by the internally renowned Passivhaus Institute. Our homes are independently tested to ensure they meet the exceptionally high standard. It provides the owner with assurance of impeccable build quality

Safer Homes

Higher levels of sound migration, fire, flood and radon gas protection


We use sustainable materials as part of our process to obtain a low carbon footprint. We manufacture in Britain and create local jobs